Tuesday October 23rd @ 5:30 PM

Queensgate Gardens 1040 Queensgate Dr Richland WA 99352

Free Fun Event for Anyone                                                                                                 Our goal with this event is to encourage people to think about what they are throwing away and if that item can be re-used in efforts to reduce garbage. Recycling is valuable but re-using is even more powerful.


  • We are asking everyone to bring an item that they have re-used to display for others to see and get new ideas on how they can reduce their waste.
  • Then we will go on an easy 5k run/jog/walk from Queensgate Gardens down the Keene Path to Yokes and back up the power line trail.
  • After which there will be free pumpking painting for all that come. Come join us for a fun upcycling evening!

Upcyclefest 2018 Big