Richland’s Run For Mindful Living Series

Run For Mindful Living Series 2021 Pic Flier

To encourage Mindful Living in the Tri-Cities area we are putting on a series of six events to promote and teach more about GARDENING(Run From Frost), OWNING CHICKENS(Tour de Coop), COMPOSTING(Dig the Dirt), RIDING BIKES/WALKING TO COMMUTE(Transoportation Transformation), RE-USING(Upcyclefest), NATIVE PLANT LANDSCAPING(Be Creative with Natives)

For each event we will have Community Donation Based Yoga class offered by Lotus of the Moon the day before. The day of the event we will have a run/walk, a mini lesson about the topic with something to take home to put into action. And we will have raffles, goodies, and great community building!

If you attend all the 6 mindful living events you will receive a Mindful Living Award.