Mountain Runners


THANK YOU for all who joined us on the Winter Mountain Runs in 2020 and braved the elements, especially some of those very windy days. It was real fun meeting and running with so many wonderful people.

We are looking forward to our Winter Mountain Running Series 2021 – Saturday Jan 2nd, 2021 – Mark your calendars!

Vertical Mile 2020 Leaders

1. Michael McNeill 9:05  2. Taylor Farnsworth 10:10  3. Chris Albertson 10:20  4. Jim Neeway 11:01 5. Gustavo Calderon 11:05

1. Aisling Fernandez 12:12  2. Natalie Teeples 12:51  3. Miranda Bachman 14:01  4. Angie Millet 14:09  5. Jennifer Comfort 14:16

SATURDAY FEBRUARY 29th @ 2-4 PM Trail Work – Bring Gloves/Rake/Shovel Rattlesnake Mountain Preserve Trailhead

Mountain Runner Series 2020 Pictures by David Springfels

Vertical Mile Photos Feb 22nd 2020

Jump Off Joe Photos  Feb 15th 2020

Rattlesnake Photos Feb 8th 2020

McBee Photos Feb 1st 2020

Thanks to Laura Brazeal of Mind Over Muscle( and Gustavo Calderon of Running Concepts( for helping getting us motivated and moving early!


Vertical Mile Feb 22nd, 2020
Jump Off Joe Winter Run Feb 15th, 2020
Rattlesnake Mtn Winter Run Pic 2020
Rattlesnake Mountain Winter Run Feb 8, 2020
McBee Winter Mountain Run Feb 1, 2020
Red Mountain Winter Mountain Run Jan 25, 2020
Goose Hill Winter Mtn Run Jan 18, 2020
Candy Jan 2020
Candy Mountain Winter Run Jan 11, 2020
Badger Mountain Winter Mountain Run Jan 4, 2020

Schedule Winter Mtn Running Picture

Starting January 4th each Saturday we will be running a different mountain in the region to prepare for Race up the Snake on March 7th. We will be starting the run at 8 AM at each given location. More information will be provided each week for each specific mountain run. We encourage all to carpool to the mountains that are further out.

Incentives: You must first register for Race up the Snake(Online Registration coming soon) And

If you attend 5 out of the 8 mountain runs from January 4th to February 22nd you will get a free entry to the Badger Mountain 15k from Runners Soul

Attend 6 of the 8 you will receive a free 15k entry and a Mountain Runner Shirt

Attend 7 of the 8 you will receive a free 15k entry, Mountain Runner Shirt, and Mountain Runner Custom Award

Attend 8 of the 8 you will receive a free 15k entry, Mountain Runner Shirt, Mountain Runner Custom Award, and a Mountain Runner Lightweight Running Jacket

Rattlesnake Runners


McBee 2019


Goose Hill Run 1/26


Red Mountain Run 1/19


Candy Mountain Run 1/12



For More information call or email Chris at:

503-756-8621 or

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Rattlesnake Mtn Trail Run